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March 22, 2009

The first cuts :(

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The past two weeks have been very hectic. Both for me and the American Idols.
Last week Ryan Seacrest introduced a new rule for the judges and contestants. The new Rule is….

The judges can use a SAVE card for anyone of the contestants who had a bad week and America voted them off. The SAVE card will allow them to stay in the competition. However, the judges only have one SAVE card for the entire competition. So they have to use them wisely.

The first elimination week. Some of the contestants sang great…some not so great. I felt this week was more of a relaxing week for the contestants. Even though it should not have been for some of them. Unfortunately Anoop (one of my favorites) did not preform to the best of his abilities. Others such as Jasmine, Micheal, Jorge and Scott also did not preform well. In the end it was up to America. America voted off  Jasmine and Jorge.

The part of this show I did not agree with was how the contestants had to plead and sing for their life to see if the judges would use their SAVE card. It was almost humiliating. The judges chose to not use the SAVE card this week. So America and me said goodbye to Jasmine and Jorge.

The next week was COUNTRY week. I know Andrea will be very happy about this. 🙂 The contestants overall sang very well. Anoop blew the judges away. Of course Danny, Allison and Kris were fantastic, as always. Another one of my favorites is Megan. She has such a quirky personality and voice. She was extremely sick this week and persevered. However a few of the better contestants did not preform this week. Alexis-grace and Lil’ Rounds were not in their element.  After America voted it was Alexis-grace that was sent home. The judges again chose not to use their SAVE card.

This week should be interesting to see what the theme is and how each contestant will preform. Stay tuned for more American Idol updates. 🙂


March 14, 2009

Final additions to top 12

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This week on American Idol. This was the third group to sing. America had to choose 3 more to add to the final 12. 
The first singer to start the night was Von Smith.

Von – did a good job..way better than his Hollywood week. All the judges enjoyed watching him preform. Simon said he reminded him of Clay Aiken. I thought it was alright. Great voice but a little corny.

Taylor – she sang wonderfully. She has a terrific voice but she doesn’t show much of her personality. The judges pointed out that she already sang the Alicia Keys song once before in the competition. She was pretty forgettable.

Alex – he is a geeky, goof. But sooooo funny. I really enjoyed watching him sing. Full of energy. His voice, however did not preform this night. He was screaming into the microphone.

Arianna – she was not good tonight. The song was wrong for her voice. She was very nervous and it showed through her voice.

Jun’ot – he did a very good job, but it was not very expressive. The judges seemed to really enjoy it. But there were other this night that were better.

Kristen – she was  a great singer this night. She chose the wrong song though. She is still goign through an identity crisis. She is always showing up looking different. Judges do not like her much.

Nathaniel – crazy, drama queen and cry baby. He chose a really werid song choice. I dont think he will make it through even though he is unique.

Felicia – she was brought back by the judges after one contestant was kicked out because she already had a deal. She had a good preformance. She sang well even thought there were some very pitchy parts. The judges like her

Scott – blind piano player. You could feel the passion in his voice when he was singing. His vocal were not the best but his desire could be heard. He played the piano beautifully.

Kendall – country singer. She has a great personality, very pretty, very commercial. She definitely chose the right song, however her voice was pitchy throughout her performance.

Jorge – singer from puerto rico. He sang beautifully. The judges could feel the passion in his voice. He was very happy after he sang because he was overwhelmed with tears. It made me feel his happiness.

Lil Rounds – amazing singer. She was by far the best one this night. Maybe even in the competition. Simon said she had a brilliant performance. She will definitely move on to the next round.

The three that made it through were Lil Rounds, Scott and Jorge.


The following Night the judges announced who was going to be  singing for the final 3 spots.

The judges brought back:

Out of those 8 only 3 could make it through.

The judges decided that Jasmine, Megan, Matt…..and SURPRISE Anoop were all going through to the TOP 13. 🙂

I was so happy that Anoop got into the Top 13. He was so surprised and happy.
These parts are why I watch the show. Watching people’s dreams come true.

Stay tuned for next week when the top 13 performs 🙂

March 3, 2009

Week 2 – 3 out of 12 move on

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Allison, Kris and Adam

Allison, Kris and Adam

Week two proved to be very interesting on American Idol. Either most of these contestants don’t want to be there or they are purposefully picking the wrong song choice. There were only a few stand out performances. Most of the contestants chose the wrong song. Just like last week.

The first three contestants Jasmine, Matt and Jeanine – were told that they chose the wrong song choice. They did not sound good at all. I was disappointed because I wanted to see Jasmine, 16, move on. I do not think any of these three have a chance of moving on.

The next contestant was Nick/Norman (comedian) – this guy is crazy! I cannot believe he made it to the top 36. I think it was staged. But he is entertaining. He had the audience clapping and smiling along with his performance. Even Randy said “most entertaining performance on American Idol ever.” The judges said it was a memorable performance. Simon said he hoped America has some sense and does not vote for him. I like him but there should be no chance of getting to the top 12.

Next up was Allison, 16, red hair. She did an amazing performance. The judges said she has some “serious chops”. I think she is going to go very far in this competition. I like her because she is young and she has proved the judges she can do this every time she sings.

Kris from Arkansas was up next. I liked his. He sang a Michael Jackson song, which I thought may be the death of him, but he prevailed. I really like him. He has lots of personality. He will go far because he is very likable.

The next contestant was Megan. She is a single mom. I enjoyed her performance. She is different and I like her. I don’t think she sang the best but she may move on. If not, I think the judges are going to choose her from the wild card round.

The next contestants again did not chose the right song for their voice. Matt (welder), Jesse, Kai and Mishovanna did not preform at their best. I feel like it may be the end of the road for them.

The last and final singer was Adam. He is a rocker, who took theatrical arts in college. I thought he did an alright job of singing “Satisfaction”. I did not like the song that much, but the judges apparently loved it. I think he will be the last of the three voted into the top 12. I don’t like him that much, so I hope he doesn’t win this season.

The next night was the results show. The first contestant through was Allison. She had the most votes by a landslide. The next one through was Kris from Arkansas. I was really happy he made it through. And the last contestant through was Adam.

Hopefully this upcoming week the contestants will choose better songs to sing.
Stay tuned for more American Idol Season 8 updates. 🙂

February 23, 2009

First Round – 12 singers only 3 move on

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This week on American Idol it was the first round where America got to vote. There were 12 singers.  Some of them preformed at their best and some were horrible.

The ones I thought stood out and I hope are going to go very far were Danny (of course), Anoop, Alexis and Micheal. These were my favorite of the night. Most of the other contestants did not preform.

Casey is a beautiful girl but her song was awful. She sounded very kareoke.

Tatianna sang some parts of her song very well and other parts were out of tune. I’m very glad she did not sing as well because I find her annoying and weird. This week instead of her usual annoying drama self she was reserved and quiet. She acted like a totally different person. The judges thought this new Tatianna was not going to be liked by America.

Steve (afroman) – did not preform well at all. He remembered his words this time though. He did a poor preformance of Michael Jackson.

My predictions were that the guy that would get through would be Danny; the girl would be Alexis and the wild card would be Anoop.

The following night was the results from America voting.

The first thing Ryan said was that Alexis was through to the next round. (I was right so far)

Then Ryan brought out Anoop and Micheal (ruffneck) – Michael won by only a few thousand votes. I’m happy for Michael to go through. I felt very bad for Anoop because he is a great singer. I think the judges will bring him back. They can bring back 4 individuals.

The last bit of the show Ryan said it was between Danny and Tatianna. I was hoping that Tatianna would not get through. Danny ended up making it through. I would have boycotted the show if Tatianna would have made it over Danny. She was very angry, crying and upset.

Danny sang a song and his friend was holding up a picture of Danny and his wife. It was very touching.

Stay tuned for the next week of American Idol

February 13, 2009

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Final judgement round. From 56 contestants to the official 36 contestants that will compete for America’s votes.

Anoop was the first to see the judges and it was good news for him. He was the first into the top 36.

Von Smith – was all over the map during Hollywood week. His parents were very tough on him because they were singers too. The judges gave him good news and he was moving on to the top 36. His mom was very happy. Him and his mom cried because they were so thrilled.

It always moves me when you watch people’s dreams coming true on television. It feels like you are in their shoes.

Cody and Alex – became friends during the Hollywood week. Simon and the other judges were not sure about them. They were the first pair to have a sing off. It was sad because they didn’t want to compete against one another. But in the end it was Alex that made it through and Cody was sent home. Alex said it was ‘bittersweet’. It’s hard to be happy when someone you know doesn’t get to share in the happiness.

Joanna Pacitti- stumbled her way through Hollywood because she kept forgetting her words. She has a great voice. The judges put her through to the top 36. Just recently I found out she was disqualified because she already had a record deal with the same company that is sponsoring American Idol.

Joanna will be replaced by Felicia Barton.

I’m glad they disqualified her. Even though she has a great voice, it is not fair to the other contestants.

Scott – the blind piano player made it into the top 36. I was very happy he made it. It is incredible what this young man can do.

Lil Rounds – mother of 3 – makes it into the top 36. She is so relieved and thrilled because it can mean a better life for her family.

Danny and Jamar were up next. Danny gets through easily. I’m so happy he made it into the top 36. I hoping for him to make it and win this season 8. His story about his wife who died from a heart condition at such a young age touched my heart.
Jamar was up next. The judges do not send him through to the top 36. I was outraged when I seen this on the tv. It was so sad. He is a great singer andvery unique. He was heartbroken but determined to come back next season. When he told his friend Danny the news, Danny was shocked. When Jamar had tears in his eyes it made me cry watching it. I felt so bad watching his dreams get crushed. I hope he comes back next year.

Nick ‘Norman’ Mitchell – funny man actually made it into the top 36. I couldn’t believe it. I like him but I hope he does not win or get close to the top. He’s funny but I would have preferred Jamar.

Tatiana – this crazy annoying girl made it into the top 36. I was hoping she would be cut because she is frustrating to listen to. But she has a great voice. So unfortunately I’m stuck and have to watch her for a few more weeks. She needs to learn how to calm down :S

It was a very long day. Many contestants were heart broken and many of them were ecstatic.

Tune in to see what happens when America votes. 🙂

February 11, 2009

Hollywood Week – Day 4

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Tonight it started with 72 contestants. The contestants were split up into 4 different groups. Not everyone would make it through. The anticipation was nervous wrecking.

During the day the contestants sang solo performances to determine their fate.

Adam was first to sing – punk rocker- the judges had mixed reviews of him. He switched up the song “Believe” by Cher. It did not sound very good, but it was hard to judge because the sang was sang different. As it turns out though, he makes it through to the final cut.

Matt – piano player- he sang very well, almost sounded like Justin timberlake. The judges actually stood up and applauded. He also made it through to the next round.

Jamar – has some cool tattoos on his hands- & Danny (wife passed away) – best friends. Both sang very well.  They both made it through to the next round. I hope they go very far. I’m rooting for Danny. 🙂

Anoop, and Jorge were up – they both sang well and made it to the next round. Made it to the next round.

Scott – a blind piano player- sang very well and an amazing piano player. Made it to the next round. 

Kendall – auditioned in Puerto Rico but from Texas – sounded a bit like a kareoke singer, but made it through.

Lil Rounds – mother of 3 – sang an Alicia Keys song and nailed it.

Tatianna – Puerto Rico, crazy girl – she sang alright but was very annoying to us the viewers and to the judges. She was moved from one room to another and in the end, she made it to the next round. I was hoping she would have been sent home because she is frustrating to watch.

Nathaniel – drama queen – sang Disturbia by Rhianna was awful. Yet he still made it to the next round.

For some contestants it wasn’t all good news – Joanna and Casey messed up the words to the songs and therefore were sent home from the competition. Better luck next year.

Steve – afroman – lost his words when he was singing. He ended up leaving the stage early. Paula said it was ‘a shame’. He made it to the next round! He gets another shot.

Nick `Norman` Mitchell – for his last performance he was `Norman` and had a good voice but the performance was a joke. I guess the judges ended up seeing through the joke of an act because Nick made it through to the next round.

Michael – rough neck- had a good solo performance. In the end it pays of and he made it to the next round.

Unfortunately not everyone was as lucky. Lenesha from Louisville, who was a hopeful, did not make it through. She is young though and will be back next year.

Stay tuned for the final 36 to be revealed tomorrow night. It should be a great season.

I`m looking forward to the top 20.

February 10, 2009


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The next night was Group night. All the contestants were paired up into groups of 4. They had to practise singing and dancing together to create a routine to show the judges.

Throughout the night all the groups looked extremely stressed and lots of them had tremendous conflicts between one another. Some group members were compromising and others were not.

Two groups the focused on with the conflict were:
Kristen, Nathaniel and Nancy- The whole night while they were preforming they were throwing dramatic fits, hysterical and crying about not liking one another. On the audition day Nathaniel and Kristen made it through to the next round while Nancy got sent home. Nancy was very mad and upset about this decision. Simon said they were sabotaging one another.
Katrina, Jasmine & Rose – This was another group that was having problems. Katrina did not practise because she was supposedly sick. When it came to the audition day, Katrina told her group she was giving up and was quitting the competition. A few hours later she showed up for the audition. The entire group was very mad at her. All in all after the audition the only member that made it to the next round was 16 year old, Jasmine.

The first group of the night was White Chocolate. they sang acapella. were amazing. Of course they all made it through with their Micheal Jackson performance.

Somehow Nick “Norman” Mitchell made it through yet again.

The group night was not turning out to be as hopeful as it was suppose to be. Some of Simon’s comments were, “absolute and total mess; useless; brutal; awful; I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Danny, the one whose wife passed away, sang great and him and his group made it through to the next round.

Jeremy, rough neck, made it through as well.

Tatina, drama queen from Puerto Rico, made it through with her whole group. She was a little crazy though. She was crying hysterically even though she made it to the next round. Her group does not like her.

At the end of the night 75 people made it through to the next round, which is the final day of Hollywood.

Stay tuned to find out who will impress the judges for the final 36 spots.

February 8, 2009


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Hollywood week takes place at the Kodak Theatre. There were 147 singers auditioning.

Simon was wearing the same tight t-shirt from the San Juan & NYC week.
Ryan Seacrest was looking stunning as usual. (haha)

The special guest this week was Barry Manilow – he did not say much on the show

The 1st round of singing was done completely acapella.
It was a rough start – many singers were nervous and it got the best of them.
One guy even ripped into Simon about his tight t-shirt wearing tendencies because he did not make it through

Rose – the girl whose parents died in a car accident- sang well, she had a soulful voice – she made it through.

A few more made it through – Ron Smith and Steven Fowler

Nick “Norman” Mitchel – comedian, very funny preformance in NYC.
Simon can`t beleive he made it to Hollywood.
This preformance he still did not take it serious – but somehow made it through again!

Lots of product placement takes place during the episode, FORD commercials.

Jackie Lohn – a wild, rockstar with a raspy voice – sang a great song and made it through to the next round.

Jamar Rogers sang California Dreaming and he made it through to the next round.
His very good friend Danny Gokey, whose wife died at the tender age of 28, sang Kiss from a Rose by Seal, he also made it through.
They are both very nice singers. I hope they go very far in the competition 🙂

Katrina a.k.a. Bikini Girl – Yes she made it to Hollywood; The song she sang made the judges have another split decision. Paula and Kara did not like her but Simon (of course) and Randy loved her. She ended up making it to the next round. I don`t think she`s that good. She is more of a show off in front of the cameras.

Jeremy, a rough neck from an oil rig – sang great and made it to the next round.

Emily, a punk rocker – had a great first audition to get her to Hollywood, but at the last minute she switched her song and sang, Excuse Me Mister by No Doubt, and it was bad. However the judges gave her the benefit of the doubt and she made it to the next round.

Erica, FBI agent – she did not sing a good song choice and she tried to plead with the judges to let her stay, she wanted a second chance. But it didn`t work. So she went home.

At the end of DAY ONE in Hollywood there were 104 contestants remain and 43 went back home until next year. 😦

Stay tuned for the rest of Hollywood week!

February 4, 2009

Season 8- NYC & San Juan, Puerto Rico!!

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Simon’s back!!!!! more vulgar and hurtful than ever in Americal Idol Season 8 🙂

This season the producers are changing things up. The first change in Season 8 was the addition of a fouth judge! Ms. Kara DioGuardi, who is an American award winning songwriter and producer, has joined the American Idol judge team. Speculations say that she will be the new Paula in the upcoming years.

Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and, of course, Simon Cowell are back again to choose the next American Idol.

Another change this season was holding auditions in two cities for one show, New York City & Puerto Rico.
Many contestants auditioned in New York and not many people showed up for auditions in Puerto Rico.
It was a good idea but it was not the best episode of the audition week as promised by producers.

Some of the Individuals who auditioned:

Adeola Adegoke from New York – she quit her job to come to the auditions to become famous. She sang “And I am telling you”, by Jennifer Hudson, but she was awful. She did not make it through to Hollywood. However, Simon got her her job back.

Jorge Nunez from Purto Rico – he sang wonderfully in Spanish and when the judges asked him to sing in english he sang very well but had a thick Spanish accent. This was good because it was what the judges were looking for in Puerto Rico. He made it to the next round in Hollywood.

Jackie Tohn at the New York audition – she sang “I’m Your” by Jason Mraz. She had a soulful raspy voice and made it to the next round in Hollywood. During her audition the windows blew down behind the judges.

Nick “Norman Gentle” Mitchell at the New York audition – he had a comedy routine. He was very funny with his jokes about Ryan Seacrest being gay and dressing up like a fool. He did sing “Amazing grace” and it sounded pretty good. He made it to the next round to Hollywood. We’ll have to watch Nick/Norman in the next round to see if he gets through again.

This was just a like spiel about American Idol Season 8

Stay tuned for the next up date when all the contestants are in Hollywood!!!!!!

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